IFCO has been owned and operated by the Patrick Mobley family since 2004. We are committed to serving forest landowners. How? By being the premier producer of superior quality forestry seedlings that maximize the landowner’s financial returns and meets their forest establishment objectives.

IFCO’s products are produced and supported by professional staff that are eager to assist, educate, and problem solve to ensure their customers’ success. We value ourselves in not only producing a quality product, but creating relationships with our customers.


Our Seedlings are the result from countless hours spent researching our product

Superior Genetics

Genetic choices can make a 30-75% difference in value.

Nutrient-Loaded Fertilizers

We have developed uniquely timed fertilizers that enhance first year growth, which provides financial certainty.

Seedling Protection

Our insect protected seedlings are available to reduce financial risk. 

Customer Service

We have a group of Genetic Investment Advisors that are ready to answer any questions our customers have.

Proprietary Containers

Our container seedlings have the highest root weight and total number of roots of any commercial container.

Not All Seedlings Are Created Equal

IFCO participates in seven research and genetic cooperatives and is committed to bringing what was once only available to the elite to every landowner. 

IFCO operates the most modern, state-of-the-art nurseries to ensure that the highest quality seedlings are delivered to our landowners. 

IFCO custom packages each seedling and ships directly from our nurseries to the landowner. 

Find The Genetic Investment Advisor For Your Location

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